IW.de Whale: The Bigger They Are…

Hello again. This one has been quite a while in the making. Ever since I heard that IW.de was making a HUGE version of the Intex Lil' Blue Whale rider, and at a reasonable price point, I knew I had to have some... to pop 😉 I've never had a chance to pop anything this big before, let alone a ride-on. I'm also pretty sure this is the first video on the internet of one of these whales getting popped.

I tried a few different things on this video. I've got a couple of different camera angles, and I think the editing turned out ok. I'm also wearing some different MX gear at the request of a friend (I also love Fox gear). I left all of the inflation footage in, as I know a lot of you guys enjoy that as much if not more than the popping. There's also a bonus pop at the end where ArmoredLooner tosses me the chair he's sitting in to see what will happen (he sat this one out as he's recovering from back surgery). I might have been a bit worn out by that point and finished it off with a knife... not generally my style, but it got the job done.

As usual, hope you all enjoy 🙂

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  1. avidpopper says:

    Wow. That thing was amazing. I can’t believe something that big popped that easy though.

    1. Mr. MotoX says:

      It’s the material. It’s super-thin. It’s the exact same vinyl used in the Lil’ Blue Whale riders. It’s what people requested, so it’s what IW.de made. All in all they’re pretty sturdy if you inflate them “properly.” Though my idea of “properly” probably differs from a lot of peoples’…. 😉

      I was actually going for an inflate-to-pop video with that one, and just kind of working my way up to it… figured I’d abuse it along the way. It went boom before I was expecting, but still made for a good video. I really do enjoy just inflating a toy bit by bit and abusing it more and more until it’s finally had enough 🙂 I have a few more, so there’ll definitely be another video or two featuring them.

      We also just ordered a heat sealer (the one discussed on IYR), so there’s the possibility that we may soon be able to fix seam splits like that rather easily, depending on how well it works on that weight of vinyl.

      1. tuffy89 says:

        how much should i inflate her. your video is sexy and arousing but after watching it, i felt that it should not to be overinflated to avoid popping. can you please tell me so that i can inflate it and enjoy along with avoid popping of it as i don’t want to pop her instead of being a popper. hahahahaha……….

  2. 4MXRider says:

    GREAT !! Nice one, like it 🙂 now i need a whale like this, too :D.

    Nice greetings from Germany 🙂

  3. avidpopper says:

    Hmmm. You know what would be fun is to ride one of those big whales to a seam split, reseal most of it leaving about a 4 inch hole, fill it with balloons, then reseal the seam totally. Then ride it to pop again, so whatever balloons didn’t get popped during the riding would come flying out with the next seam split.

  4. MotoNinja says:

    Where can I order one of those whales? Those things are huge!

    1. Mr. MotoX says:

      Inflatableworld.de. The site is in german, but if you e-mail info@inflatableworld.de they have someone there who speaks english. They don’t have the whales listed on the site yet, but supposedly have a new one in the works. You can order them by e-mailing the address above and asking for the 3 meter blue whale. They have it in translucent blue, and opaque shiny and matte. This sounds like an advertisement, but they’re awesome 😛 We ordered… a number of them between us, and a few other things. After shipping the whales came out to about $50 US / ea. Depending on the quantity you order, shipping may make them cost more or less.

  5. SensDragon says:

    Wow, that thing popped quite easily. I like watching these videos to see how much abuse they can receive before breaking, so I know what to do with them after I buy them.

  6. thumper1099 says:

    “the harder they fall”
    AAAAAAWESOME bust champ!

  7. Earlray says:

    nice, say was wondering what size of air compressor do you use for your toys.

    1. Mr. MotoX says:

      I actually have a couple. I’d prefer to use the nice, quiet 5hp 60 gallon oil-lubed one that I have in my shop… I just haven’t plumbed it into the house yet, so I’ve been using a little noisy 1.5hp 30 gal upright oil-free from Home Depot. I was using the little one for that video. You can hear it in the background.

  8. DemCoolThings says:

    This was awsome it makes me want to get a whale :3

  9. avidpopper says:

    Will there ever again be a mass popping as epic as Inflatapalooza? Even if it’s just balloons?

    1. Mr. MotoX says:

      Definitely. I’m hoping to do something like that for my birthday (early November) this year, to make up for the lack of good birthday videos these past two years. I’m already thinking of ideas 🙂

  10. wasserspeier says:

    Awesome 🙂
    Bigger objects are more easy to pop (physics, pressure-volume), but it’s the fastest way to deflate them.

  11. Motoxesbiggestlover says:

    Nice new mx gear!
    Hope you get to your full health soon!

  12. max8991 says:

    Wow i hope i was there.
    it is great!!!!
    What is te price of the whale.
    And how do you get al that stuff??

    1. Mr. MotoX says:

      Price is 43.75 euros + shipping. Check out one of my other comments above for info on how to order from inflatableworld.de. How do I get all of this stuff? There’s this wonderful thing called money. It turns out if you save it up, it can be exchanged for goods & services 😛

  13. megamasha says:

    Just for reference, how tall are you?

    1. Mr. MotoX says:

      Right around 5’10”. Maybe add a couple for the helmet and boots. If you’re trying to figure out how large the whale is… the answer is HUGE 🙂

  14. Davespeedo says:

    Awesome pop AGAIN NWL! Did your knee pads or pants cause the thin vinyl to split, looks like it did not pop a seam, unusual? The tail appeared to be tougher, and that bastard is huge! I totally need one of those! Did you buy the other colors too…would like to see those. Keep poppin, love your vids and can’t wait for the mass B-day pop! E-mail me sometime at popabball@yahoo.com Thanks!!!!

  15. kelvin0509 says:

    Awesome work!!But the popping is too fast.

    1. Mr. MotoX says:

      Thanks. I didn’t really expect it to give out as quickly as it did… I was hoping to abuse it for a bit longer. Now I have a better idea of what those whales will hold up to so… next time 😉

      1. kelvin0509 says:

        I look forward to watching your next video which is popping IW.de Whale.^^

  16. BCPopper says:

    Simply amazing! Great inflation, riding and popping. Those IW.de whales sure can “take a beating”! I just purchased a handful of the blue matte IW whales myself. They are about the most impressive inflatable available. Thanks again for a great video ………..

  17. Karzuru says:

    Great video. Is there any chance of any videos with inflatable boats in the near future.

  18. looner4ever says:

    Thank for all your videos. You’re so COOL in your Motocross clothes especially when you pop loons and inflas. Perfect!

  19. Kobiashi says:

    I HAVE to get one of these. I’m going to contact them tomorrow. If I lose some pounds, this may just become my new favorite chair. Hurrah whale chair!!! I love you MOTO!

  20. Kobiashi says:

    Also, for those folks interested, I contacted the company yesterday for the price of one transparent blue whale shipped to Lexington Kentucky. The costs shown on my invoice came out to €40.25 for the cost of the whale, €2.90 for PayPal fees, and €36.60 for shipping costs. Total €79.75, or about $100US.

  21. yunolikepizza47 says:

    Crap!!! That whale was huge :0
    It popped pretty easily though!
    Liked the video 🙂

  22. 84lucario says:

    I love your video pop
    especially whale IW
    you will also pop the dragon IW

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