Birthday 2017: Finishing off the Ride-ons

And finally, here's the finale of my birthday fun for 2017! Finishing off the pile of ride-ons that I blew up for destruction... 🙂 An older (2009 vintage I think?) full-size Intex Orca and two new Lil Dolphin ride-ons. I really love how big and tough the full-size Orcas feel, and how much work it takes to pop them. The vinyl feels so thick and strong, even when overinflated. It makes for a nice, big, tight ride-on to abuse... and it's that much more exciting when they finally burst! Plus they're just such a "classic" looking ride-on, and look good with so many different types of gear. Definitely one of my all-time favorites. Also, as I mentioned in my previous video, the new Lil' Dolphins are super stretchy... which is made pretty obvious in this video. They can get really big before they go BOOM! 😉

A couple of site administrative notes... I've had some issues with the site lately with lots of people registering spam accounts and filling my inbox with bounced password reset e-mails. I think I finally have a handle on it, but in doing so, I've deleted a LOT of what I believe to be fake accounts. Over 13,000! I finally decided to delete any account on the site that has never posted a comment on a video. So if you try to login and can't, just know that you'll likely need to re-create your account at this point if you've never commented. I also added a CAPTCHA to the account creation and password recovery process, and e-mail verification (e.g. you have to enter a valid e-mail address and it sends an account verification link there). All of that seems to have stemmed the flow of 50+ fake accounts I had been getting created every day. Let's hope it stays that way!

I likely won't be posting anything for a few weeks as I'll be getting ready, and travelling for, the holiday season. Have a lot of friends and family that I need to catch up with. Hope everyone has a happy and safe holidays, and keep on bouncing and popping 🙂

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  1. Nylonjacketlover says:

    Will the toys be available to get?

    1. Mr. MotoX says:

      The whales have been spoken for already, but the dolphins are still available. They are pretty wrecked though. If you’re interested, I’ll post photos. Let me know!

      1. Nylonjacketlover says:

        It was the intex black whale I was interested in

  2. thumper1099 says:

    It is always very satisfying to see MrMotoX abuse and destroy a rare classic inflatable toy so I enjoyed the whale a lot. You’re right, the dolphins looked super soft and stretchy and what a satisfying bang though in my opinion a properly destroyed toy should be supporting the hard riding MrMotoX when they pop. Happy holidays.

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