Biker vs Heroes, Part 2

Mass Bust in Racing Gear

I got some new gear… how else am I going to try it out. Predictable, aren’t I? To answer the unasked questions: yes it IS fun to dive into a pile of balloons. They are, however, not going to support you and your ass is going straight to the floor.

Lots of Balloons

For this video I just started looking through my collection and grabbed a few of everything, blew them up, and dove in. Enjoy :-)

Busting in MX Gear, Part 2 Deleted Scene!

Back when I was young and naive, I thought this might be a little too risque for the overlords at YouTube, so I marked it as private and only shared it with a select few. Now that I don’t have to worry about them, all of you get to enjoy it. :-)

Unique 16″, Mass Bust

Testing out my new, at the time, leathers by diving into a pile of Unique 16’s.

Birthday Bust 2008, Part 2

AHA! Apparently I didn’t forget to upload this one. Here’s the other half of my 2008 birthday pop-fest.

Birthday Bust 2008, Part 1

My birthday was last week, so I figured it was appropriate to get this video back online. Don’t worry, I’ve got another pop-fest planned for this year, and it should be even bigger. :-)

Note: I’ll upload part 2 with the next bunch of videos, I apparently overlooked it this time around.

Hugging Big Balloons in MX Gear

I’m back!

As many of you probably know, my YouTube account was suspended last week due to violations of their incredibly ambiguous “community guidelines.” I’m through dealing with their lack of an appeals process and customer service, and once again have come back to the old adage, “if you want something done right, do it yourself.” I’m sure I’ll write more in the future. This is just sort of a test post and a test video. I hope to have all of my deleted YouTube content back online on this site within a week. As well, I should have sorted out comments and subscriptions, both of which WordPress supposedly supports. Expect the site to grow and mature over the coming months as I figure out what the hell I’m doing. For now, sit tight. I’m not dead, and I haven’t disappeared.

Northwestlooner / Mr. Motox

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