Thumper’s Toys

Sorry for the lack of the promised pre-holiday update. Here’s something to make up for it. I should have another video from the same session up soon. Hope you enjoy. All toys in this video provided by Thumper, I know he’s been waiting a while to see some of these get busted. Also, this is the first video in my new house. Got a lot more room for play here :-)

Inflatapalooza 2010: Encore – Basic Training

It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve posted anything and I figured I’d look through some old footage and see if there was anything interesting that hadn’t made it onto the site yet. Here’s a bit from near the end of Armoredlooner’s first visit to my place back in January with the two of us in BDU’s playing rough with a pile of inflates. Enjoy :-)


Two airplane (and F-35, nonetheless) videos in a week?! Yes it’s true. As well, my first solo video of the year to boot, for those of you who’ve been waiting. Hope you enjoy :-)

Still Alive…

Hey all. Sorry for the unplanned and unexplained hiatus, but my life has been absolutely crazy these past couple of months. Hopefully things will get back to normal here soon. I did just finish up another visit with my friend from the first set of Inflatopalooza videos, and we shot more footage. I don’t know how much of it will make it here, as some of the reviews on those seem to be mixed. That said, here’s some popping from his visit to give you a preview :-)

P.S. There may have been another biker in the mix in a few of the shots. ;-) I need to check with him to see whether or not he wants his handle released. If so, I’ll update this post later.

Inflatopalooza 2010: Pump-to-pop Contest

Yup, there’s still more Inflatopalooza (we packed a hell of a lot into that 3-day weekend :-) ). This one really wore us out, but it was a lot of fun. Hope you all enjoy.

Product Testing

Recently I learned about Rhode Island Novelty from a couple of different sources. All of them told me that they sold cheap, crappy inflatables that popped too easily. Perfect :-)

My thoughts
Horses: Fun, wish they were bigger, stupid squeakers are a PITA to remove (and even more annoying if left in).
Small B&W orcas: Squeakers are easy to remove, cheap (but small). Nice bang :-)
Dolphins: These have bells in them… not squeakers… FUUUUUUUUU- Otherwise, they also pop rather nicely… jingle jingle jingle POP!
Big blue whales: These are actual Bestway ride-ons. An amazing deal for $4.80 / ea.

Birthday Bust 2009, Part 3

Annnnnd I’m spent! You cannot imagine just how beat I was by the end of this. I spent the better part of a day setting this up, filming it, and cleaning up the mess that I’d made. Was it worth it? Of course. Will I do it again next year, only bigger? Hell yes!

Birthday Bust 2009, Part 2

The madness continues. One of these days I will pop a boat without the assistance of an air compressor.

Biker Trapped in Tube

I’d love to try this with a real innertube one of these days (and the proper gear… not sure if motorcycle leathers would provide enough protection). I was getting impatient near the end of the video and reaching for the knife that I had on the bookshelf, but the tube let go before I needed to use it.

Biker vs Heroes, Part 1

Forget the eternal Batman vs Superman vs Spiderman vs Wonder Woman debates. Who will win in the epic battle of Mr. MotoX vs. Spiderman bop bag?

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