Birthday 2016: Mass Balloon Biker Bust, Part 3

Back this week with some help from ArmoredLooner, assisting me in finishing off my pile of birthday ‘loons! Twice the biker, twice the squeaking (and popping!) Enjoy!

To answer a question asked in a recent comment, I have found more footage from Armored’s 2013 pop-fest, of many more toys being destroyed. I’ll work on getting some of that footage edited and uploaded in the coming weeks, so watch for more new content soon!

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  1. InuYashaClaws says:

    Another awesome balloon busting video. Can’t wait to see some of the inflatables your buddy armored destroyed a few years back. Looking forward to seeing you destroying more inflatables.

  2. AirBiker says:

    inflatables 😀 Pleeeeaaase!

    1. Mr. MotoX says:

      Soon, I promise you. Soon 🙂

  3. kvwang98 says:

    Hiiii, I have been your fan for a long time but I just registered. Is there any webstore to buy the old version of Intex blue whale(like the one in your first whale b2p vid).

    1. Mr. MotoX says:

      Thanks for registering/posting! The old version of the Intex Lil’ Blue Whale has been discontinued for a while now and is unavailable everywhere I have looked online. Short of getting lucky and finding one in a dusty corner of your local pool supply shop, your best bet, if you are hell-bent on an older model, is to keep your eyes open on eBay and be willing to pay more than you’d like to for it. Sorry to be the bringer of bad news!

  4. MarcelD says:

    mass balloon bust. my favourite thing to do with ballons

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