Toy-A-Week # 12: F35 Crash!

Hello again. Sorry for the delayed video once again this time. I’m still hard at work looking for a new job, as well as engaged in a remodeling project that Armored is working on around the house. Plus the weather has started to turn to spring here in the US where I live, so I’ve been busy doing more non fun things like yard work. I hope, again, that this video was worth the wait. I know a lot of you have been requesting to see me pop an F35 popped while wearing a flightsuit, and I hope this video doesn’t disappoint. I’d still *love* to get a REAL fighter pilot flight helmet one of these days to go with the rest of my flight gear, but they’re so expensive, *sigh*… maybe once I’m employed again. Though I think the gear looks good with the plane regardless. I also think I did a pretty good job of wrecking the plane, and enjoying myself while doing it. It has a lot of air chambers, and I got some good BANGs out of a number of them. As usual, enjoy 🙂

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  1. Kroko says:

    Great to see another Video from you =3

    Do you have still this little translucent cheap Gator? Can I maybe get this? xD

    And will you maybe pop now a Dolphin for the next Video =)

  2. thumper1099 says:

    That sucker was tough!!!
    Loved seeing you sporting some serious wood and getting super aggressive with it.

  3. pkiller66 says:

    Nice Crash!!! I vote for the next toy, the pink dolphin wearing red leathers! ;-D

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