Toy-A-Week #5: Snowed In! (Intex Orca)

Back this week with another toy and a surprise… I filmed this week’s video outside, in the snow! Where I live (Western Washington state, in the USA), we don’t usually see much snow outside of the mountains. In fact, it rarely gets below freezing in the winter-time here. However, last night we got hit with 8″ of fresh snowfall, and it was still coming down during the day today! I figured I’d take the opportunity to shoot an outside video in some snow gear, with a classic Intex Orca. I got the idea earlier in the day when I was out dragging ArmoredLooner through the snow behind my quad on a towable, and he threw out a beachball or two for “obstacles.” They ended up being more difficult to pop with the quad than I had anticipated (it just knocked them away, rather than running over them), so finally I got frustrated and stomped one… it exploded into 100 pieces with a huge bang! That gave me the idea to try popping a ride on outside in the snow. I was hoping for a similar result. That said, I didn’t get quite what I had hoped for out of the pop on the whale, but I think it all came out looking very good on camera. I hope you all agree, and enjoy!

In related news, I added a couple new toys to the toy-a-week pile. I just can't help it when I find a ride on, especially a sexy, camo-patterned ride on, for $5-6 with free shipping. What can I say? I may be a popper, but I am a thrifty popper! Thanks WalMart! I'll have to take another photo of the whole pile of remaining victims one of these weeks. So far I've been adding toys about as fast as I've been popping them!

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  1. pkiller66 says:

    Man, you have the talent to pop the whales in places I’ve never thought its possible… LOL!

  2. InuYashaClaws says:

    That was a really unique pop. I would have liked to seen you hump and ride it down.

    I recommend the Camo Shark next that looks awesome! Maybe in Fox Motocross gear.

  3. scallybikerider says:

    would you pop the spider man punch bag thing next? i was thinking about getting one of these but im not sure how well they hold up to being ridden

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