Used/Abused Toys

I know that a number of people have expressed an interest in getting ahold of the remains of some of my toys after I’ve had my way with them. This isn’t something I’d really thought of before, as usually either my partner, ArmoredLooner, fixes a toy and steals it, or if they’re too far gone they just go in the trash. However in the spirit of both recycling and contributing to the inflates community at large, I would be glad to pass along some of my “well loved” (and by that I mean popped!) toys to those who ask. If you don’t see it on this page, either ArmoredLooner already staked his claim to the remains, or it’s made it to the trash already. Like I said, I’ll be better about keeping ahold of things for a few weeks from here on out, to see if people want them.

So, how will this work, you might ask? Well, I don’t plan on keeping remains indefinitely. I only have so much space, and a lot of that is taken up by (non-popped) toys! Probably 2-3 weeks tops after it gets posted on this page. I’ll do my best to update this page and post pictures of what’s available after I’ve posted a video. So if you see a toy here, feel free to send me an e-mail (via the contact page), and let me know that you want it. This will operate purely first come, first served. You will will pay the actual shipping cost from me (I’m located in the USA) to your address, and at least for now, I will plan on shipping internationally. Hey, if you want to pay to ship a busted toy halfway around the globe, who am I question your motives? 😛 As of now, I do not intend to make a profit on these toys. Just to get them to somebody who may continue to appreciate/fix them. So shipping is all that I plan to charge for the time being.

Currently available toys:

Nothing to see here, right now! Check back again later.

Please contact me if you would like any of the above toys. You are responsible for paying the entire, actual, shipping cost from my address in the USA to your location/country of residence.