ArmoredLooner Popfest 2013 #4 – Car & Diver

Title says it all. As usual, enjoy.

This entry was posted on Sunday, March 30th, 2014 at 5:55 pm by Mr. MotoX in the category Videos.

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  1. Davespeedo says:

    Little fucker put up a nice fight>>>but you took it down!

  2. 84lucario says:

    nice video

    I have seen that out of the new intex inflatable.
    are you going to try?

  3. thumper1099 says:

    Another outstanding effort from ArmoredLooner. But when can we expect the return of the one and only original MrMotox?

  4. avidpopper says:

    I can’t wait to see him rip through all those tire print swim rings, and chairs, turning them all into a pile of garbage.

  5. thumper1099 says:

    You two studly busters have been gone for tooooo long.

  6. motardlyon says:

    Do you still have this BUD RACING RED chair please??
    Well looking your vids is so good!

  7. attwnco says:

    any new videos soon? please?!

  8. nicely says:

    Do you still have the rest of the video? Would love to see what you do with the rest of the inflatables! Welcome back!

    1. Mr. MotoX says:

      Thanks! I will look through my unedited footage and see what else I have from that video. I don’t quite recall if everything got popped or if Armored got bored/tired and ended up deflating some of it for later “fun.” If there is more destruction to be had, I’ll be sure to post it though!

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