ATV vs. Pile of Whales

Quick bonus video for you guys. ArmoredLooner decided it would be a good idea when we got up Sunday morning to go to the local Albertson’s and buy out their stock of Lil Blue Whales… and, well… this is what happened.

We hadn’t really planned on making a video, but I had my digital still camera outside, which also takes halfway acceptable video, so we did. The quality isn’t great, and it’s short, but I hope you still enjoy. I think it’s one of the crazier things I’ve done with inflates in my life.

I still want to ride through a huge pile of balloons someday… 🙂

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  1. yerkelayh says:

    That looks like it was fun. Nice video.

  2. avidpopper says:

    It looked like all to many of the whales survived that. I’m beginning to like Armouredlooner’s influence on you…

    1. Mr. MotoX says:

      They actually all got dispatched with later… 🙂 We just didn’t happen to have the camera on at the time, as we were both involved and didn’t have a tripod outside. There was some overinflation, riding, and stomping. I think ArmoredLooner has managed to patch most of them, though some are now missing fins. I think he fixes them just to taunt me sometimes 😛

  3. DemCoolThings says:

    Bowling with balloons :D. Another awsome video 😀

  4. avidpopper says:

    Now you need to rent a bulldozer or something else with tracks instead of wheels, and repeat that with the whales that aren’t flat.

    Just curious, I’ve been thinking about it all day, and how would you keep a massive pile of balloons in a pile to ride through without getting tangled up in string? Would be amazingly fun if you could figure it out though.

    Email me sometime, I miss chatting.

    1. Mr. MotoX says:

      I’ve actually got a fantasy about running over some inflates with a steam roller… really curious what it would do to some whales. Something with tracks could be fun too 🙂

      As for retaining the balloons, I’ve got a trail through the woods out in the back of my property that has a pretty nice valley/ravine running through it. I figure I can run some plastic painters’ sheeting to build some “sides”, and just start inflating and piling them up down there… no other retaining mechanism necessary.

  5. plasticcanine says:

    hahaha awesome!

  6. Davespeedo says:

    Great fun!
    I think it’s cool your bud fixes some and then you have to re-pop them. Does he like to keep some around to play with over and over, pop, re-pop? I like to puncture inflates, repair, split a seam, repair, keep going until I decide it has to be dealt with properly…meaning way overinflated and jumped on to explode, shred, and maybe even burn!

  7. thumper1099 says:

    That was awesome. It’s amazing how much it took to pop those whales under the weight of the ATV!
    It really puts into perspective how much effort and athletic ability is involved when you two guys abuse and destroy so many inflatable toys using just your own skill, strength and weight.

  8. avidpopper says:

    The anticipation of trashing that many whales would make me so hard….

  9. max8991 says:

    i hope that i had so many whales, i live with my parents 🙁
    but when they are shopping or someting i go play with my whale and boat that i one.
    i have a question for you can you sand someting to me, please!!

    ps when comes your next video??
    pps i am a teenager 😛

  10. thumper1099 says:

    I hope you guys are working out, getting in tip top shape and stock piling loads of toys to destroy for an awesome birthday bust this year.

  11. avidpopper says:

    I hope so too. I hope it’s epic. The most toys ever popped. Maybe you should celebrate early….

  12. scallybikerider says:

    Have u thought about strapping a slightly smaller inflatable to the seat and riding the atv till it pops ?

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