Birthday 2012: It Begins

It’s that time of the year again, and this year I was actually able to put something somewhat substantial together, after a couple of years off of less-than-spectacular birthday videos. It’s nice to have space (the new house), and help (ArmoredLooner) as well when trying to pull something like this off. Here’s the first installment of an as-yet-to-be-determined part series for this year’s birthday celebration. I’d been wanting to try something like this for a while, and even built the rig a while back. I figured this was as good of a chance as any to test it out.

P.S. I'm working on a new revision of the site that should be more conducive to its format (it will be more of a gallery than a blog format). In doing so, I'll also be updating to a much more recent version of WordPress (because I'm lazy and still running 2.something). Watch for it sometime in the next few weeks hopefully. Also, don't worry. All of the current content, comments, user accounts, etc will be migrated to the new site.

P.P.S. A few of you have asked about the inflator rig that I used in the video. Here's a (crappy) picture:

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  1. wasserspeier says:

    Awesome. Best video ever.

    BTW, do you have new cross boots?

    1. Mr. MotoX says:

      Yes, actually 🙂 I was going to comment on that in the post and I forgot. I’ve finally managed to put together a full set of Fox (mmmmm… love Fox so much) gear from head to toe, save for the helmet. ArmoredLooner got me the pants and jersey, I bought the gloves and boots. Helmet is next… 🙂

  2. AirBiker says:

    Nice idea *winks* :-p

    1. Mr. MotoX says:

      Figured you’d like it 🙂 Still have some work to do. I’d like more even air distribution. I need to go buy some new fittings so that they’re all the same size and arranged uniformly (ideally with the inlet in the center of the chain instead of at one end). I’m getting into automotive-engineering levels of manifold design just to pop inflatables 😛

      1. crazzyc says:

        well custom makeing a distribution manifold wouldnt be difficult at all , so long as you run all youre outlet lines off the single chamber you will get the same output from each line and if you want to have a little more control you can put low pressure ball valves on each outlet , we do this all the time for the air distribution systems on the drill rigs out here , the trick is to make the distribution chamber about 3 to 5 times minimum the diameter of youre inlet line and keep all the outlet’s slightly smaller than youre air feed line (IE with a 3/8″ or 5/16″ feed use 1/4″ outlet’s and a distribution chamber 1.5″ across )

  3. thumper1099 says:

    WOW 4 intex whales destroyed just for the start! You guys are the best. I see you were both sporting some serious wood even before getting to work on the first toys. It’s nice to see two guys who really enjoy their work.

    1. Davespeedo says:

      Made me sport some nice wood too! Something about seeing men pop pool toys, and enjoying it so much! Are you going to make some new vids? Have enjoyed your pops too!

  4. Motoxesbiggestlover says:

    Happy birthday Mr.MotoX!
    Thank you so much for helping me discover my fetish!
    Before that I thought I was all alone and crazy due to the fact that I had an attraction for MX gear 🙂

  5. Kobiashi says:

    Excellent! I need more whales…

  6. avidpopper says:

    I’m avidpopper on yahoo if any other toy poppers want to chat….

  7. alex123556 says:

    I Can’t Wait for you guys topop the penguins!!! Awesome job!

    1. Mr. MotoX says:

      Don’t worry, they get what’s coming to them 🙂 And thanks.

  8. Davespeedo says:

    Happy Birthday Mr. MotoX and nice AL can join your party…sure wish I was there to help take down some more of those nice tight whales! Did you pop the tail portions> If not would you consider sending them to me, I will heat stretch them huge, and then give them what they deserve! Can’t wait to see more of your B-day fun!

  9. yunolikepizza47 says:

    Awesome video!!
    I like the whale popping, wish I was there with you
    Haha i just relized what a coincidence that we both have our birthdays on the same day in November:)

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