Birthday 2017: Lil’ Whale & Dolphin

I know this is what everybody has been waiting for… and I hope it’s been worth the wait. First two ride-ons from the birthday video go down this week. A classic single-chamber Intex Lil Whale (OH NOES!), and a newer Lil Dolphin, with warnings and two air chambers. For anyone who’s curious… the newer lil dolphins (I think the copyright was this year or last) are REALLY soft and stretchy and feel great to ride and bounce on 🙂 And I have a soft spot for the original, single-chamber Intex Lil Whales as they were the first “real” ride ons that I ever popped, way back in the day (close to 10 years ago now!).

And, as is appropriate for wrecking summertime toys… it was snowing quite well out when I made these videos! A bit odd for us in Western WA state this time of year, but I’m always happy for interesting weather.

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  1. thumper1099 says:

    What a BLAST from the past! Those older blue whales used a clearer and more shiny vinyl and you killed it like a champ, fucking destroyed it…..awesome.

  2. thumper1099 says:

    Mr MotoX, your extravagant destruction of such a wide selection of inflatable toys has always put you in a class of your own. Absolutely no one else can hump and ride a toy with so much passion destroying it completely with out resorting to lame puncturing and stabbing. Even if you aren’t posting I hope you are still right there in the saddle sacrificing air filled squeaky,stretchy,smooth and shiny vinyl toys…… with extreme prejudice.

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