Everything Old is New Again

In a way this video is a new beginning for me. It’s the first video I’ve made since my accident last June. It’s the first video I’ve made outside at my new house. And most importantly, it’s the first video I’ve made since ArmoredLooner moved in with me 🙂 It also features a new addition to the family, a 1988 Honda TRX350.

I dug through a bin of toys my good friend Thumper sent me over the past couple of years and picked out a handful of victims. There’s a seal, a tire tube (that was my favorite pop), a couple of beach balls… I think I’m forgetting something. There’s a bit of something for everyone in this video. Some good inflation scenes, all different types of popping, and the acoustics outside at this house are AMAZING (plus being outside the camera doesn’t lose the impact of the pop from auto-level-correction).

Hope you all like it. More to come, and soon this time. I We promise 😉

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  1. Lavi says:

    Yay!! It’s great to see you all better and posting new videos! And congrats on you two moving in together! You deserve it man!
    Side note, are you gonna be posting the rest of that “3-way” with you, AL and the other biker?

  2. Antrist says:

    Wooou Dan, it’s good to see you back in action. You and AL look great together, you’re one of the only people who can feel what I feel when I’m with my boyfriend (we’re LoonBikerBoys on YouTube). Can’t beat it.

    Your gear’s looking better than ever, keep up the good work and carry on inspiring me!

    1. Lavi says:

      I’ve seen your videos! you guys are hot!

  3. thumper1099 says:

    Dan, buddy, welcome back you look great! Healthy, strong and in the best shape ever. Pool toys and balloons beware Dan’s back in action and gunning for you. The outdoor locations look awesome too. And with ArmoredLooner it’s going to be twice the fun.

  4. wasserspeier says:

    Wonderful video 🙂
    Great to see you and ArmoredLooner back again. And a new toy (the ATV) for playing with nice soft balloon tires. That was one reason why I started to ride ATVs some years ago (now a Suzuki LTZ 400). I like the last scene. Looks like you puncture your back tire 😉

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