Purple Balloons

Another request from a former YouTube fan.

This entry was posted on Friday, November 13th, 2009 at 11:54 am by Mr. MotoX in the category Videos.

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  1. WinnerLoon says:

    I really love your awesome balloon vids.

    At YouTube, I watched this vid time after time.
    Those clear and purple loons were nice and tough, you pressed them tightly against your body.


  2. dvdcollector613 says:

    Ah, it’s nice to see a pure balloon vid. Nice job, again, looks like a lot of fun. That first one in round two, really shattered, didn’t it? 😉 and i loved hearing all the squeaking of the balloons, that part’s always nice.

  3. CubbyCakes says:

    Can u do more sit and pop videos nothing but huge balloons

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