Toy-A-Week #10: Balloons & Spidey

Howdy all! This week I figured I’d tackle a toy that’s gotten a few requests recently… the Spider Man bop bag. I had anticipated that it would be a rather easy pop, so I threw in a few balloons (Tuftex 17″ and Bluebird 12″, for those playing along at home) for some added excitement. Well, I’m glad that I did because I was a bit underwhelmed by Spidey’s eventual demise (though he felt great to ride and was nice and squeaky against my leathers). Don’t worry though… I’ll bug Armored to patch him up and there will be a second round to this fight in an upcoming video! As usual, enjoy and comment!

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  1. thumper1099 says:

    Spidey was just not up to a MrMotoX challenge. The tufftex put on a better show providing some fight but ultimately succumbing to the superior weight and strength of the champ.

  2. ixron says:

    I used to have one like that, very fun to ride. How about popping the F-35 next or the other plane one in a flight suit.

  3. InuYashaClaws says:

    Yeah Spiderman was a downer though. The balloons were pretty good.

    I think I notice a kayak there? Are you going to pop the kayak? That would be awesome to see in a dive suit if you have one. Or in motocross gear just to be random about it.

    1. Mr. MotoX says:

      The kayak is Armored’s but it’s “defective” (split on a seam once when it was inflated tightly and he had to repair it), so it’s no good for its intended use. He’s told me I can pop it one of these days. It would be quite a challenge… it’s some pretty tough vinyl 🙂

      1. InuYashaClaws says:

        That’s awesome I have the same Kayak, they are pretty durable. When is your next video coming out.

  4. rikku_lion says:

    Awesome video as usual! Would be really glad to see you take that inflatable blue jet for a spin in your motorx gear!

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