Toy-A-Week #11: Friendly Shark & Bonus

And I’m back! Sorry for skipping out on posting a video last week. Things have been super busy for me this past couple of weeks. I’m currently searching for a new job, after a little over a year of trying to do contract web development/IT work on my own and finding out that I’m no good at finding my own clients. But enough boring stuff… on to the popping!

I decided to tease Armored this week… as I have a few sharks in my pile of destructibles, and haven’t popped any of them yet. Knowing that they’re his favorites, I figured I would pop one while he watched. To make up for my missed week, I put in some bonus footage with another, smaller, shark and a second attempt at popping the Spidey bop bag (which Armored so kindly fixed for me!)

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  1. Kroko says:

    The Pop of the Blue Shark was so Great <3

    Do you have something from Inflatable World?
    Will be awesome to see you popping the Bear or something from there =3

    What did you do with the popped Toys? Is it possible to get them? It dosent matter how much they are destroyed but I need sometimes yinyl and you have some nice Toys better give them me before the trash bin xD

    1. Mr. MotoX says:


      As for where my remains go… quite often my partner, ArmoredLooner, either repairs my popped toys for his personal use (he’s really good at it), or uses them for scrap vinyl for other repairs. Very few of my popped toys go directly in the trash bin.

      1. Kroko says:

        Can I talk to him If I need something next time? =)

  2. thumper1099 says:

    That’a boy MrMotoX, well worth the wait. When you start out humping a toy I know your getting yourself good and randy and that never ends well for the toy. Your looking more buff each week. Keep working out on the toys and Good luck with the job hunt.

  3. pkiller66 says:

    Wow, well worth the wait! Thanks for another great pop, the pink dolphin is around there? In red leathers will be great! ;-D

  4. kvwang98 says:

    noooo, they have stopped producing that shark… 🙁 and now sold in China but I got only 7 of them from unknown source.

    1. thumper1099 says:

      That’s why I love MrMotoX, he is a true connoisseur. It doesn’t matter to him if a toys rare or not his pleasure is to ride it and kill it period!

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