Toy-A-Week #15: Hammerhead Shark

And I’m back! Sorry for the missed week everybody. I’ve been in bed with a bad cold for the past week and a half. Haven’t gotten much of anything done. Was finally feeling good enough this weekend to go about filming and uploading a new video. I decided to take a couple of recent suggestions regarding the toy and gear selection for this week’s video, so I hope everybody enjoys them, I know that I did. I wasn’t sure what I thought of the new Intex realistic line of toys when they first came out, but I think they look nice and “tough”, esp this shark against my gray & black leathers. I also have to say, that the vinyl on them, at least the ones that I’ve popped so far, is super soft, stretchy, and squeaky. This hammerhead shark may be the stretchiest of them so far. It was lots of fun to bounce on and abuse, and when I overinflated the fins at the end, I couldn’t believe how big they got!

I added a few toys to the popping pile recently. I made a deal with ArmoredLooner... he wanted a new toy (Intex Mega Pegasus), and I wanted him to get rid of some other toys because we have too damn many inflates 😛 So I bought him the Pegasus and he gave me 4 of his older toys to pop. Here they are (plus a Paw Patrol bop bag I picked up recently on Amazon for cheap):

And here's what's left in the "main pile"... there's a couple that are sort of obscured, so I'll run them down here... from left to right, top to bottom, they are: Intex & Swimline 36" beachballs, Batman 42" bop bag, Bestway B&W Orca (in an Intex box), Swimline Sea Raider plane, hammerhead shark (which is no more... I took this picture before making today's video), Intex realistic gator, Bestway camo shark, Intex grinning gator, Bestway little blue whale, and full-size Intex dolphin.

Please comment and feel free to post your votes for what I should take out next week!

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  1. Kroko says:

    Nice Head Pop xD

    Now please pop the transparent 3D Shark or the yellow purple Dino.

    Thank you

  2. Cryptoxic says:

    Pop the medieval dragon next! I heard they’re easy to pop

  3. sillylloon says:

    id like to see the yellow and purple dinosaur got popped!

  4. Popking says:

    Good popping! I also request you to pop yellow dino:-)

  5. thumper1099 says:

    Looking good in those leathers champ. Once again you owned that sucker. The 3D shark looks like an interesting bust and I hope you’re working on getting down to your optimum fighting trim agian. You always looked like a strong super stud in your tight and shiny blue MotoX kit.

  6. scallybikerider says:

    Would love to see u mercilessly pound the shit out of that realistic intex shark … 😉

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