Toy-A-Week #2: Lifeway Pony

Greetings again! I’m back, as-promised, with week #2 and toy #2. I heard a couple of requests to see the Lifeway pony popped, and no real consensus on the gear. So I ended up in my standard red Yamaha leathers. I think they worked well. Nice and squeaky while bouncing and riding my pony to his dhoom… 😉 He popped rather easily, a bit to my dismay. Right where I would expect too… on the negative seam on his neck. I guess he really wasn’t designed to be bounced and ridden by a biker in gear. Oh well! The seam split wasn’t *too* big, so I talked ArmoredLooner into doing a repair on him, and I’ll try for another, more spectacular, pop, in an upcoming video. As usual, enjoy and comment!

And don't forget to give suggestions for gear and toys for next week's Toy-A-Week video! I can't promise to fill everybody's request every week, but I do value everybody's input, and love hearing from you! Here's a link to video #1, which includes a picture with all of the ride-ons I've collected for this project so far, and a list of some potential gear for me to wear. I also have some new toys on their way to me in the mail, that are earmarked for this project. Will post a picture when they arrive!

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  1. Blackhelmet says:

    can you pop the dog in firefighter, it can be fun

  2. 84lucario says:

    Too bad that popped quickly

  3. thumper1099 says:

    MrMotoX you are one hard ride’em cowboy bronc buster. That pony never stood a chance and biker leathers are usually made of horsehide so they were appropriate. As usual you looked super hot rocking that leather and busting that toy.

  4. InuYashaClaws says:

    Too bad it popped quickly. Looked like it would have been a really fun ride.

    I would like to see the fighter jet with your camo on.

  5. pkiller66 says:

    My vote, firefighter suit and puppy, as they known to be pretty though! And keep the good work! ;-D

  6. pika says:

    Hi I’m really enjoying your popping video every time. Next, I really would like to see penguin got popped…!!!

  7. Popking says:

    I would like to see “Penguin” going to be popped next time.

  8. AirBiker says:

    i would like to see some Supermoto Gear (Leathers, MX boots / Helmet)

    Popping something from intex… like the red lobster 🙂

    Btw.. you really should use some “kind” of messenger again 🙂 Miss our chats :-)!

  9. scallybikerider says:

    I would love to see more vids of u in that red and white yamaha one piece ! Im not too bothered about which one u kill next , there all gona die anyway 😉

  10. Kroko says:

    Can I get the popped Horse? =3

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