Trapped in an Innertube, Pt. 2

And now for the exciting conclusion! The tube pop looks rather violent in the video and I can assure you that it was. I’m very glad that I was wearing my leathers and a helmet.

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  1. Lavi says:

    Holy shit that got big! And that pop looked like it hurt!

  2. AirBiker says:

    You both look much better wearing leathers than this BDU things 🙂 *sidenote*

    Oh and yes, great video 🙂

  3. avidpopper says:

    How many of those blue whales do you have? You never seem to run out.

    1. Mr. MotoX says:

      I’ve bought a case or two here or there when they show up for cheap on eBay. The short answer is probably “enough to make you jealous” 😛

  4. thumper1099 says:

    Damn! MrMotox you are becoming a real daredevil. I notice that while he had you tied up and helpless to stop him ArmoredLooner took advantage of the situation and tortured you by stabbing some of your inflatables instead of bursting them properly. Hopefully you will have the opportunity to correct and punish his rogue behavior. And hopefully such correction and punishment will involve the busting of numerous balloons and pool toys

  5. wasserspeier says:

    Nice to see that you are still active 🙂
    1) Do you wear earplugs during your sessions?
    2) Interesting. I have the same leathers as ArmoredLooner used in this video. But mine is in blue.

    1. Mr. MotoX says:

      It depends on what I’m popping, but yes, I usually do wear earplugs if it’s going to be something loud like an innertube, balloons, etc. I like popping but I like my hearing more 🙂

  6. 84lucario says:

    your video is always excellent pop
    I look forward to your next video.
    I wonder if you can make a video
    “tooth sea”
    you make shark pop
    thank you

  7. avidpopper says:

    Thumper, you Mr. Motox, and Armoured looner should get together, rent a dumpster to hold all the popped toys, and unleash yourselves on a room full to the top of inflatable toys.

  8. AirBiker says:

    Happy new Year Mr. MotoX! All the best wishes for 2012! Greetings, AirBiker!

  9. Davespeedo says:

    Another great video! Loved the suspense of that tube getting bigger and bigger until boom! Wow, you do pop a lot of those hot whales…do you like to pop rings at all? I have probably 300 that could be popped.

  10. avidpopper says:

    Any idea when we’ll get to see more mass destruction of pool toys or balloons from you guys?

  11. DemCoolThings says:

    That was awsome! You make such great videos 😀

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